[LIFE]My Whimsical Disappearance

The Curious Case

I’ve been away for almost a month, leaving the later half of June free of my prose. The facebook page is unaffected, because it’s still as dead as ever. My twitter account has been fairly quiet too, save for some occasional inconsistent spew. Of course there are things I’ve been itching to say, but my miserable phone is exasperating to work with, and I’ve got too much on my plate lately.

It’s not all work – in fact, I left my job last month.
I took up a part-time job as an IT-technician in the lull time before I’m to head back to continue studies at my local university, with school term starting in early August. There were some camps and events prepared for us freshmen, so I went ahead and signed up.

I’ve had quite a bit of fun, and tidied up whatever commitments I’ve been neglecting outside of my virtual alter-ego. But there’s still one thing left; my health. It’s not super serious or anything, but it could pose problems when I’m older.

Days to Dream

My operation date is scheduled on the 10th of July, just a few hours away. I can’t say I’m not nervous about the surgery, but I’ll end up okay. I’m not terribly sick or anything; just needed some medical intervention.

A few months back, I’ve been told that I have moderately severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA). This means that sometimes, I’d stop breathing at night. My situation is a little special and differ in pathogenesis from the usual cases. Usually, OSA is seen in patients with too much fat tissues in their upper airway, decreased muscle tone, old age or brain injury.

But for me, it turns out that my upper airway structure is an anatomical variant – where the epiglottis and the base of the tongue come together to block airflow. My airway is also a little too small, for some reason. I think that wasn’t all, but there’s way too much to remember. All I know is – I’m going in and they’re going to remove a hell load of stuff.

One for the road

It’s going to be a 4-5 long hour operation, and I’d stay in the hospital for 2-3 days for further observation. I’d lose my voice for few good days, too. I’m not to step outside for 2 weeks as well. To make up for this, I’ve borrowed a few books from the library. Most of them are technical books on programming, but I’ve gotten myself some Jodi Picoult too, so I’m good.

Thankfully, Alex’s book came in the mail a few days ago. So I’ve got that. 🙂
In my Amazon cart, there’s also Jennifer’s novel – Ilimoskus: Times of Old. I’m holding on to shipping it until AT2020 goes on a better discount.

The doctors’ tell me that recovery would take a minimum of 1 – 2 months, and in this time, my vocal abilities are likely to be impaired. Thankfully, I’m not required to talk in these blog posts. So you’d be seeing more of me, as I return to my previous posting schedule, after the operation this coming Thursday.

There’s a lot of things I’m sharing here that your probably didn’t need to know. But throughout my irresponsible disappearance, you guys never gave up on me. It’s beyond heartwarming to know that people are still coming in to read my posts, and even if it’s just to check on my frontpage for updates.

Love you guys ❤
Here’s something from Miss Critical – see you guys soon!
miss critical journey
I really, really couldn’t have asked for more.

6 thoughts on “[LIFE]My Whimsical Disappearance

  1. I wish you all the best with the surgery and the recovery! Keep us updated ❤

    Haha, I hope my book keeps you company 😉 And I'm actually rereading Jennifer's book right now–definitely worth a read 🙂

    1. You’re RE-reading it?! Oh, Alex, why? haha, don’t waste your time with that until the second one is out! 😉 But now I feel extra pressure to hurry up with the second…. I’M ON IT.

      1. Wasting my time?! Don’t be silly 😛 Besides, I’m rereading it because I want to lend it out to my friend, so I’m getting the details fresh in my mind so I can properly discuss it. I’ll just have to read it a third time when book 2 comes out 😀

      2. You’re lending it to a friend? Oooo, well thank you for spreading the story!! The Ilimoskus thank you dearly for helping them fly 😉 I hope your friend enjoys it 🙂

        I’d love to be able to discuss Ilimoskus with someone! Haha, it’s kinda hilarious that I can’t. How’ve I managed that? I need to address this issue.

        Ha, that you will! So long as you aren’t bored with it by then 😉

      3. You’re very welcome, of course! 😀

        Well that doesn’t sound right! I hope you can find someone to discuss with 🙂

        Pffft, never! It’s a wonderful world you’ve created, and I’m sure I could read it a hundred times and still find small details to appreciate.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear you have to have such surgery. I sincerely hope it goes as smoothly as possible and that you recover well and soon!

    I shan’t lie, I practically gasped upon reading that you’ve got my book waiting in the cart. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I really really hope you enjoy it, whenever you give it a read 🙂 It means the world.

    Sending you my best wishes!

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