Yay! More free Ebooks!

Learning Python programming, cryptography

It’s not relevant to everyone, but if you are interested in cryptography and python, read on!

Hint: If you’re interested in programming your own games, scroll down until you see 2 other book covers. The images below have been linked to their corresponding download page for your convenience 🙂

Unfortunately, completing the book would not make you into a divine cipher-solving expert. But I guess it’d at least get you on track. This one’s for you budding programmers, aimed at complete beginners of python programming and cryptography.

If you’ve completely no interest in cryptography, that’s fine too. The book guides you along the way on the presumptions that you are an absolute beginner to the programming field itself. It is an interesting approach to the world of programming, a refreshingly new way learning process, as opposed to the standard “Hello world” tutorials.

Ciphers... with Python!
Al Sweigart seems like a pretty cool guy.

The author has released it on free on reddit a few months ago.

If the online version does not cut it, the author is also offering hard-copies for sale on Amazon. 100% of the profits of the sales are going to charity.

100% of the proceeds from this book are donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Creative Commons, and the Tor Project.


If you have benefited from his work, please consider clicking the donate button on his homepage or show him some love on his reddit thread. Additionally, if you run into any problems understanding the materials, you can email the author at al@inventwithpython.com. Yes, this man is generous enough to tend to the newbie programmer’s trivialities.

But wait, there’s still more!

Aside from his book on cryptography, Albert Sweigart produced two other books, both free for download and sells for $25 on Amazon.

Yeah, Al seems like a cool guy to hang with.
Yeah, Al seems like a cool guy to hang with.
  • This book is written for the understanding of 12 years old and up. It’s simple enough for everyone to understand and really easy to pick up. I wish I had this book with me when I first started programming. It would’ve saved me at least a fistful of hairs. Geez.

Anyway, don’t turn away just because the book is aimed towards young readers; it signifies that programming isn’t that hard after all. And hey, its free.


The next book, titled “Making Games with Python & Pygame” covers the Pygame library with the source code for 11 games.


If you already grasp a basic understanding of the Python programming language, you can skip the first book and pick this up. You can now expand your abilities using the Pygame library and harness it’s prowess to code slightly more complicated games.

The book and the programs are open source, and are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license, meaning they are free to copy and distribute. See the license for full details. A print copy can be bought on Amazon.com for $25.

In one of my older posts, I presented another free Ebook on the Linux Command Line, written by William Shots and published by NoStarchPress.
Check it out here.


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