Your massage chair now comes with DLCs.

DLCs have been all the rage in most of the game releases these few years, so we should’ve kind of seen it coming, right?

I think DLCs are inherently a good thing; it allows developers to add optional content to the game after launch day. From a developer’s stand point, if my base game goes viral and generates significant profit, I am able to add optional (most of the time cosmetics) content to the game by application via DLCs. Sometimes we get to buy fancy dresses for our in-game characters, sometimes we get a small, bite-sized optional story add-on.

Take Trine 2’s Goblin Menace for example.

Trine 2 DLC
Trine 2 DLC

So the developers of Trine 2 released the sequel to the infamous hit, Trine 1, and realise that the some players are still asking for more, yet some of them are happy with how the story has ended.

So what did they decide to do?

They created a small, filler story. The story does little to impact the main storyline. It’s meant to sate the their consumers, who were craving for extra content. I’d think that this is best way to create additional content to flesh out a game. A lot of these content come cheap, at about $5USD and they provide about 1-2hours of extra gameplay.

Pretty reasonable, ain’t it so?


Then there are the cosmetics DLCs.

One of TombRaider's skin DLCs
One of TombRaider’s skin DLCs

Don’t need much explanation; they are simply clothes and skins that’d pimp out your virtual-self. It’s for people who want to customize their character and so, does not impede with the game mechanics or storyline. As long as I’m given a decent default skin, I’m fine without purchasing any of these DLCs. They are made to be optional.

Sadly, a lot of them have been blatant cash grabs. Many developers take out a certain portion of the game design and turn it into an additional “pay-to-unlock” feature, notoriously dubbed by consumers as “Launch-Day DLCs”. Think Metro:Last Light’s ranger mode DLC, it basically threw mud on the entire franchise.

Screengrab of OSIM UIfinity's app.
Screengrab of OSIM UIfinity’s app.

Enough side-tracking, lets take a look at the world’s premier massage chair with DLCs.

What about the OSIM UInfinity?

It’s basically a massage-chair that connects with your smartphone, and with the loaded app, you’d be able to select a massage session of your choice. If the current selection fails to entice you, feel free to browse the store and download a new session. With a simple Bluetooth connection to a Smartphone, the uInfinity can download more of the latest Lifestyle Massage Programs for use. Through this ever-expanding suite of Lifestyle Massage programs, satisfy the diverse and evolving needs of the whole family and enjoy endless massage pleasures.

A brief research shows that currently, there are 19DLCs jam-packed with massage-content, available as launch day DLCs.
Each of these DLCs costs $4.99USD, or your local equivalent.

This post has been written by PP1MT.
and for some reason he does not even feel like he wants to link to OSIM’s webpage.

3 thoughts on “Your massage chair now comes with DLCs.

    1. Haha, thank you! It’s really very strange, seeing DLCs making its way into other commercial product! :/ Looks like the micro-transaction model is going viral.

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