The PewPew Diaries Changelog!


I’m here to announce a few changes to how I’m going to run The PewPew Diaries. It’s been really exciting for me, and with decreasing work load, I’m finally ready to embrace The PewPew Diaries as my primary focus – at least until August 2014, where another stage of my life would begin 🙂

                            Beautiful horizons ahead!
Beautiful horizons ahead:’)

I’ve been blessed by several nominations the last few weeks, from great bloggers like Valourbörn, JohnHeatz and The Verbal Spew! I’ve never thought that I would come this far, and to be approved by such fantastic people all over the world. What started out as a pet project is now beckoning me to spend more time with it, bring it places and buy her flowers.

But yes, I’m now ready to bring our relationship to the next stage, and become one with my blog. This brings about a few changes as I go forth and alter my social accounts to fit this new entry to my life.

  • New Facebook page!
  • Trying to revive the site’s Twitter account.
  • “Weekly Games Deals” now abolished: It’s much easier for me to post content on Facebook and Twitter – the updates are much more obvious when new deals pop out mid-week!
  • Making attempts to write whilst in camp now. Makes IRL call of duties a tad easier:)
  • Having thoughts of reorganizing the theme a little, or maybe go premium?

Thank you for reading!
I’ll be actively making attempts to break into the industry, so expect more frequent updates!

7 thoughts on “The PewPew Diaries Changelog!

  1. The style itself I don’t know…I’ve gone through all those themes…there’s only one I actually like, but I wouldn’t pay $75 for a theme….and awwwww!! I liked the Weekly Games Deals QQ

      1. I’ve been going through this for a while as pretty much the ones I like aren’t available for us to use (therefore you need to give up a lot of features and security) or are stupidly expensive….and I’ve been trying like all of the themes, none really fits what I want >_<

      2. I feel you – oh and I actually went ahead and bought the whole wordpress bundle when I bought the .com. So I actually get to change my CSS, but even so, there are still restrictions. D:

    1. Hmm. The weekly deals are rather hard to update since wordpress doesn’t allow me to republish whenever I update. I think I could think of a workaround, possibly put them all on googledocs and intergrate it to wordpress? Haha, I don’t know :/

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