Pokemon Survival Island

A Pokemon Fangame, Free for Download!

Gone are the Pokémon Centers, Shops and Gyms. Gone are the houses, villagers and friendly Professors. It's just you and 386 wild Pokémon.
Gone are the Pokémon Centers, Shops and Gyms. Gone are the houses, villagers and friendly Professors. It’s just you and 386 wild Pokémon.

Well, at least you get to pick your starter.

Yeah, thats right. You can pick almost any starter, from Bulbusaur to Celebi; all the Pokemons are up for grabs, except for the Legendaries and evolved forms of Pokemon. So for example, if you pick Swampert, you’d get its pre-evolved form: Mudkip.

To start things off, I picked Lapras.
At level 5, it already learned Sing, Watergun, Growl, Mist. That’s one status shut down, one primary attack move, one to protect itself and a status affecting move. I didn’t do in-depth researches and studies on the best pokemon to start out with; Lapras just seemed to be the best pick as of yet. So anyway, I find myself stuck on the island.

Things started looking up after I managed to salvage some books and work benches that’ll eventually help me craft potions and pokeballs!

Speaking of Pokeballs…

Pokemon Survival Island
Son, there ain’t no Pokemarts here.

You gotta craft em all.
Using the apricorns you find around the island, you’d be able to craft Pokeballs, Ultraballs and other special balls. Following true Pokemon Lore (namely Generation II), apricorns can be “retrofitted” with a special device, turning it into a pokeball. That being said, it is tantamount to grow and harvest berries, as they are the only way you will be able to craft Potions and Pokeballs.

Keeping these warnings in mind, I set out for my journey. Thankfully, it was raining; giving a boost to Lapras’ water based attacks. I quickly leveled my companion up to Level 8. The blue bench in my camp serves as a PokeCentre without that annoying (but kind) Nurse Joy. If not for that blue, inanimate badass, Lapras would’ve died before learning Confuse Ray. Praise Arceus.

The most interesting part is, you don't know their levels...
The most interesting part is, you don’t know their levels.

The background of every battle alters itself to the Zone and Time, looking fairly realistic for a Pokemon game. I’m not exactly sure how comfortable I am with this, as it seems to tear itself apart from the pokemon art style. Back to gameplay; once all your pokemon faints, you will be automagically teleported back to your base camp. If I’m not wrong, you get a few tries before your save file is deleted.

Besides some obvious bugs, Pokemon Survival Island is a very interesting fanmade game that is worth your try if you ever consider yourself a fan of the original series. The game allows for 3 different levels of difficulty; Easy, Normal, Hard. And of course, the player can always choose to sensationalize his/her experience by challenging the Nuzlocke challenge within this game.

Or if you’re really hardcore:

Be a true Pokemon Champion.
Be a true Pokemon Champion.

Get creative!

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This is an article written by PP1MT.
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and his favourite Starter is a Torchic.
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6 thoughts on “Pokemon Survival Island

    1. Yeah, back when I played it, it felt like crude and rough; more like a demo showreel than an Alpha. But I think they have things going pretty fine over there, at least they have their priorities straightened out.

      Gotta keep my eyes on this!

    1. As far as I know, you can’t go past there – the rest of the game hasn’t been completed yet. And sadly, we haven’t heard from the developers for a few months already. Sadly, development might be discontinued.

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