One Lovely Blog Award

Earlier this week, I was nominated by Alex over at   for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. You guys wouldn’t have seen it, but I did a happy dance :p

One Lovely Blog Award

Anyway, here are the rules:

  1. Thank the one that nominated you.
  2. Put up the picture for the One Lovely Blog Award.
  3. Tell everyone seven things about yourself.
  4. Nominate seven other people and tell them that you’ve nominated them.


Seven things about myself that you guys don’t know yet! Some of these are kind of embarrassing… (・。・;)

  1. In my country, every male 18 years and older is required to serve the Army. Yours truly is not exempted from conscription – I’ve been in the force as a combat medic for close to 1.5 years and looking forward to my discharge in 6 months!
  2. I’ve never experienced “true” winter before; the closest being artificial snow in a theme park. And yes, I tried to eat it.
  3. During a school cultural event, there was this dance where we had to be paired up with complete strangers of the opposite sex. I was approached by a female senior to become her partner(and she had that smug look on her face) , but I walked past her and picked someone else who was a little on the plump side. Just to show her that over-confidence in her looks does not work.
  4. In my younger childhood life, I used to wander around the nature parks with my friends every weekend. There was this once we made it a point to survive in the wilderness and started creating our own “shelter”. Oh boy.
  5. In my younger days, I thought the events of Red Alert and Red Alert II were true.
  6. I may be thin, but I eat a lot. Dewberry cookies and chocolate will be obliterated on sight.
  7. My platoon and I trained under 3 Sergeants in our basic training. They were all so awesome that we (all boys) split up into 3 fanboy factions.


Ever since I officially committed myself to this site about 5 months ago, I’ve met quite a handful of interesting people and their blogs. These 7 people have been a tough choice, but in the end I had to pick the 7 most inspiring, entertaining and illuminating blogs. Here are my 7 nominations, in no order:

Bill Allin: Turning it Around – I have learnt a lot from this man. He’s like that wise old villager chief that I never had, because I don’t live in a village. Anyway, his archive is a treasure trove. You wouldn’t be doing yourself justice until you’ve seen all of his works.

Interesting Literature –  The name speaks for itself – it’s like 9gag, but with more words. Don’t let the big words and references to famous writers scare you off, this site is worth a read whether you’re into Literature or not.

Low On Life – A lot of great, illuminating articles about the gaming industry. Also, his “Top 100 Favourite Games” list is awesome.

Caught Me Gaming – A curiously awesome game review blog, but I keep wondering where she’s getting her games from. Huge library of games I never knew existed!

PIxel Bubble –  A gaming blog mostly centered on the author’s thoughts on the gaming industry. Very informative and very interesting perspectives – worth a read if you’re even slightly interested in gaming.

John Heatz – A gaming news blog that brings you the latest low down in gaming – they have a weekly recap, so check back every week!

Grow Up Proper – The site describes itself well, a library of refreshing views on life 😉


There have been a few other sites that I would’ve liked to nominate, but they have all been nominated already! But that doesn’t mean that these aforementioned blogs are any less awesome. Check them out, and have a good day!



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