Weekly Game Deals 22nd August 2013

This table has been color coded for your convenience.
BLUE: Price matches or is close to prices during sale seasons.
RED: Price is a little on the high side, when compared to prices during sale seasons.
GOLD: Lowest price in history.
Black: Best to wait for another sale.

Notice: For GMG 4 packs, try using this discount code for a FURTHER 20% discount: GMG20-4B9NY-L4FEN

Bundle Stars Bundles PWYW Steam/Mixed
Humble Bundles PWYW Steam/Mixed
Bethesda Gamescomm Sales Assorted Steam
Nuuvem Ubisoft Sale (Ending soon!) Assorted/3 games for ~$15 Tages/Uplay
Dishonored (Cheaper than GetGames) ~$16.58 Steam
Command and Conquer Collection (19 games) $19.95 Origin
Prairie Dog Bundle PWYW Assorted
Gamer’s Gate Bioshock Franchise Sale Assorted Assorted
Tropico Bundle PWYW Steam
 Groupee’s Be Mine 9 PWYW Assorted
Bioshock Infinite £12.00/~$20 Steam
Spec Ops: The line $7.45 Steam
XCOM: Enemy Unknown $10.00 Steam
Darkness II $7.45 Steam

Other assortments:
Nuuvem’s other sales.


Spec Ops: The Line and Darkness II are commonly found in Amazon bundles during seasonal sales. However, they are great games and definitely worth it even at this price. Spec Ops may look unimpressive at first glance, and passes off as a cheap CoD/BF3 knock off, but there is so much more to it – it is a critique to its own genre.

I think I need to give that game a proper endorsement someday, it deserves a trophy.
Look forward to PP1MT’s weekly game deals as I source out the latest steals on video games! 

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