Weekly Game Deals 16th August 2013

Due to work commitments, this was delayed for a day. Sorry about that!

This table has been color coded for your convenience.
BLUE: Price matches or is close to prices during sale seasons.
RED: Price is a little on the high side, when compared to prices during sale seasons.
GOLD: Lowest price in history.
Black: Best to wait for another sale.

Notice: For GMG deals, try using this discount code for a FURTHER 20% discount: GMG20-4B9NY-L4FEN

Invasion of Space Week Assorted. Price is in Brazilian Reals. Origin
DND Collection $26.40
[GMG] Dragon Age Bundle $9.99 (NA ONLY) Origin
XCOM Weekend Assorted (75% off) Mixed
[GMG] Total War Master Collection $22.49 Steam
Darkness II $5.99 Steam
Max Payne 3: Rockstar Pass   $5.99 Steam
[IndieGameStand] Tendry’s Tale  PWYW DRM FREE
Humble Bundle Weekly  PWYW Steam
Humble Bundle  Bundle  PWYW Steam/Origin

Other assortments:
GMG’s GTA Sales + Extras

Look forward to PP1MT’s weekly game deals as I source out the latest steals on video games! 

2 thoughts on “Weekly Game Deals 16th August 2013

  1. Hey hey there! Thanks again for this super useful table! I simply love it! The only suggestion I have is to add on the “DRM” of the Humble Origin Bundle the “Origin” part, because that one gives you games for Steam and Origin, with Battlefield and The Sims 3 being Origin only (sadly)

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