Legend of Dungeon Review

Go down to the 26th floor and retrieve the Treasure.

1 quest.
1 goal.
Countless deaths.

New Indie Game: Legend of Dungeon
Looking brilliant.

The very kind husband and wife duo developers at Robot Loves Kitty have generously sent me a copy of their latest game: “Legend of Dungeon”, for review purposes. It grabbed my heart in approximately 30 seconds after I started my first dungeon run. It is the neon-blooded marriage between “Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery” and “Dungeons of Dredmor“, a rouge-like dungeon crawler with absolutely stunning visuals.

Overblown lighting might have been an overplayed gimmick in the gaming industry, but this game deserves praise simply on the artsyle. It looks fantastic. To be honest, I have never seen lighting effects employed in such a manner. I The retro graphics of Legends of Dungeon belie an immense amount of detail in the background; the reflections of light sources, the shadows – this is what I call shaders done right. There were a lot of small but definite minutiae added to the game that gave it it’s unique aesthetics.

Indie video game: Legend of Dungeon Minion
My mighty minion. Spoiler: I got over-confident and died.

By and large, with LoD’s minimal approach to player guidance, it is likely that the only way you’re going to figure anything out is through crash and disaster. You start your adventure in the safe haven of the tavern, and slowly work your way down to the 26th floor. As soon as you step out of the tavern, everything is your prerogative to determine what each of your actions actually entail.
Should you be drinking that inky black potion you just found? Or…
Should you charge at the evil warlock with your measly sword?
(Hint: Please don’t, I learned the hard way.)

Trust me, at the beginning, there was only just 1 guy.
Trust me, at the beginning, there was only just 1 guy.

Your choice, your funeral.

Once you die, your character is deleted forever. LoD knows exactly how rouge-likes work; it might seem silly and simplistic at first glance- a game that happily discards your efforts in a heartbeat. All that is left is your experience and lessons learnt from your previous deaths. When it comes to combat, you essentially start with a sword and go button smashing, but further down the dungeon, sometimes situations calls for a drastic change in the “YOLO” attitude. And remember kids: Always be careful when trying out new potions, and if and enemy seems too powerful – it probably is.

What appears to be a good way to spend your coffee/tea break eventually starts to swallow up your lazy Saturday afternoon. Legend of Dungeon has never gave me a reason to stop restarting a new game, although it can be tooth-achingly brutal at times. These sudden deaths are arguably part of the joy whilst exploring – who knows, the walls behind you might suddenly drop and you will die a quick death being absorbed by an Eye.

The cake is a hat.
The cake is a hat.

Click on the picture to go to the developer’s website. Buy it now for just $10!

The game is now in Beta, full release coming soon in September 2013.

This is an article written by PP1MT.
He slept at 2.30am the day he downloaded this game.
The author blogs at PP1MT.COM
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