They’re making a new Pacman.

Well, its not totally new. But they’re taking the old Pac-Man Championship Edition DX and slapping a “+” on it. Now, the previous game came out a few years ago in 2010 and that was pretty awesome; slow-motion when a ghost gets a little too close to you. It was kind of like bullet-time, but with power pellets.


Owners of the Pac-Man Championship Edition DX need not purchase the game again on their Playstation or Xbox, as it will be provided as a free update to supporters of the older game.  And now, we do not know much about what the “+” sign entails, but from the way things sound – it might very well be a decent expansion. Probably.

At E3 2013 Namco Bandai announced that there will be a free “+” update released late summer. The update is said to include new modes, improve leaderboard functionality, and provide access to DLC including sprites from classic games like Dig Dug and Rally-X.[4] Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ will also be available for purchase on Steam.[5]

That being said, the game-with-a-ridiculously-long-name is now available for pre-purchases with bonus add on content; in addition to it being the “+” edition. We’ll be looking forward to a even hulkier version of Pac-Man; even more so if you pre-purchase. All You Can Eat Add-on Pack contains all the additional content created for Pac-man Championship Edition DX +, including 4 new courses, 3 new skins and 2 new BGM. On a side note, the “All You Can Eat” add-on pack does not have a price tag attached to it, so we don’t know how much money you’re saving yet.

It’s looking strangely tempting, and I have yet to understand what is going on in this picture:

Figures this one comes from the DLCs/Pre-Order Bonus.

Things will likely get heated up when Pac-Man CE-DX + gets released in late September, 2013. Til then, stay frosty.

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