Heroes: A Valourbörn Project


So… I accepted a task where I was supposed to write about my hero. Damn, its tough. I’ve been on the receiving end of many heroic acts, online or IRL, and my heroes exists both in the fictional world and the real world.

They come from so many places: My past, the games I’ve played, my family members, my friends, anime… I’ve had so many heroes that Stan Lee has nothing on my “indie” hero collection.

Just kidding.

But this time I want to talk about someone special; someone I never thought would have inspired me.
Someone I created.

No, it’s not my baby.

It’s the character I created. I know it sounds incredibly narcissistic to claim that my hero is indirectly myself, but before you think that I’m some blithering posh infidel trying to further inflate my ego…


The claim might seem silly to people. But the fact is that, as I created this character, I had someone else in mind.
I did create the him to look as much like me as possible, but he is not me.
He went on strange adventures all over the world whilst I went to school everyday.
He was kind and strong, and helped many rookie adventurers he came across in his journeys.
He used his strange, mystical abilities to help his friends accomplish tasks with ease that would have been otherwise been demanding.
He stood at the frontlines with his brothers and sisters, defending the city and the lives of many.

He’s a hero.
 I’m not.
I may be directing his actions, but he is NOT me.
I am miles away from being a hero.

When I created my hero, and subconsciously I injected my deepest wishes into him; he is who I wanted to be. I wanted to be imbued with the power that would allow me to fight for those I love. And whatever power I lacked, TS(now defunct) made up for it in this alternate reality. He could run for miles and yet still have the energy to take down that giant Level 100 boss, I took 8 minutes to run a mile and almost collapsed afterwards. And need I mention that my Mana pool is entirely inexistant?

I played that game in my childhood. And those adventures lasted from about 12-15. NightTS’s adventures was a huge part of my life throughout these founding years of my adolescence, where puberty strikes and teens begin forming defining personalities. They say the person you grow into as you mature during your adolescence would most likely be the kind of person you will be for the rest of your life.

So where was I?


I desperately wanted to be valued, to be loved and to be given a chance to prove myself. This had led to many awkward moments during those years, following by bouts of soul-searching during bed-time. Somehow it only happened to hit my tiny teenage brain after awhile; I don’t need to possess magical powers to do good, to fight for what I believed in.

Somehow, in the recent years I found myself in the heart of many battles.

I know it is never nice to start arguments, But when things come down and you have no other option, then go ahead. Do this sparingly, but without fear.

I fought for the welfare of the colleagues that I worked with, for the customers that I served, and for friends and families I love.

That sounds like a certain someone, doesn’t it?


(Sadly, I don’t have those old screenshots anymore…)


What was this about?

This summer, I’m asking you to help me reach my goal. Write something about your favourite hero(es). It can be any length, long or short, one sentence or a page, and all I ask is for you to explain why that person is a hero, or why you think they’re born from valour. The hero can be a fictional character or a real person–someone famous, family, friends, etc.–it doesn’t matter which. Maybe they’re your childhood hero, or they inspire you now. There’s no such thing as a wrong hero, as long as they’ve inspired you.

-Alex, from valourborn.wordpress.com

Check out the site for more information!
This is one of the few sites that I would always be excited to read when a new post comes out. It definitely deserves a follow.
Anyway, I urge you readers to submit your very own story as well, it’ll be fun 😉

The author blogs at PP1MT.com
He is no hero, and he does not play Maplestory anymore.
But heroes will always be fondly remembered.
All of them.

7 thoughts on “Heroes: A Valourbörn Project

  1. A great story, and very relatable I’m sure for anyone who makes a special character. It’s great to see how your hero has affected your life 😀
    Many thanks, especially for your kind words at the end 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it, and thanks for the reblog! It means a lot to me. Haha, your works are awesome! I love the LotSF series and I hope to see more of it :p

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