Watch cat videos in game…?!

More like Overkill. Just keep reading, you'd understand.
More like Overkill. Just keep reading, you’d understand.

Love gaming but happen to have a social life…? Why, this software is a must-have for you! Instead of alt-tabbing to reply your IMs, you can now make use of this sweet widget known as Overwolf to do it whilst waiting to setup your dispenser or waiting for respawn. 

Download link at the bottom of this page.

A brief list of features:

  • Built-in video recorder VideoRecorder_01
  • Screencapture and share it instantly
  • ScreenCapture_02Multi-IM, including Skype, Facebook and TeamspeakSkypeBuddyListAndCallPanel_02
  • Built-in music player
  • Built-in game applications that includes Dota 2 Timers, TF2 Crafting Advisor, WoW talent calculator
  • WowTalentCalculator_01Watch Youtube in game.YouTube_02
  • Music player not enough? INTERNET MUSIC PLAYER. Pandora, Grooveshark and more included!Pandora_03
  • Check your emailGmail_01

Some of the above features must be acquired from the Overwolf Appstore, most of which is free. 

Overwolf works like Steam’s inbuilt overlay, but other than Steam Chatting, you can now reply to that IM on facebook or even tweet about how your game is going. Over at their site, Overwolf has compiled a list of compatible games. Check if your games work here.

And of course, download here!

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