Pokemon MMORPG!?

This, Is where I begin my new life.
This, Is where I begin my new life.

This is a golden discovery thanks to Flufficorn, you can check out the original post here.
Also, you can access the main download page here.

Main features:

The game is based on Pokemon FireRed, and you require a ROM of the Pokemon FireRed (USA version) in order to play the game. Additionally, if you have HeartGold/SoulSilver, you can enable Pokemon following. It is a visual add-on available only if you have the ROMs booted.

The game remains loyal towards the official series, together with all the complicated game mechanics such as Effort Values, Nature and all that good stuff. For gameplay itself, it is astonishingly smooth; unlike your browser-based fakemon clones. You move with WASD/Arrow-keys as default (feel free to rebind them). Full screen mode is also available. Although there are minor graphical glitches and lag spikes, the game itself is highly polished with their own custom GUI and Friend system.

The social life

The game is well populated, theres 1 server with a couple of channels, with a lot of people hanging around in towns. We also see quite a level of customization given to players with the ability to select almost 20 different hairstyles, hundreds of colors and different clothing. Additional vanity wear can be purchased via the in-game cash shop with reward points. Reward points are rewarded when you donate to the server.


The game, when you solo, is entirely the same as in FireRed, except that trainer battles do not trigger automatically and will require you to walk up to them and talk to them. It is not known whether this is intentional.

Trainer battles don't trigger automatically.
Trainer battles don’t trigger automatically.

Up to this point, the game has already built up its own market with multiple currencies being used in trades. You can trade pokemon, but for your starter pokemons, you have to level up to 50 before trading them. As far as I know, this does not apply for other pokemons.

There are also tournaments that you can take part in.As quoted from the FAQ itself…

Yes, there are tourneys and the most used levelcaps are level 50, 30, 100 in order of usage.

and also…

Assuming you have an HG/SS Rom in your rom folder, you just drag a pokemon from your party to the terrain. To unsummon just right click the pokemon and unsummon.

So as long as you have the original versions of HeartGold/SoulSilver(Optional), and FireRed(essential), you can experience the game in its fullest glory.

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That’s about it for now, I need to play this game!
The author blogs at pp1mt.com
Feel free to reblog, repost and share this post. Commercial use is allowed as long as credit is given.
The game in question above is PokeMMO, the author is not affiliated in anyway to the game.
All props go to them 😀

3 thoughts on “Pokemon MMORPG!?

  1. How can I play heartgold on mmo? (I just started) it automatically loads firered I think. I have both firered and hg roms plus I have pokemon following. 🙂 i downloaded firered just to play hg since its essential

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