Steam trading cards

Image from sourced from
A steamDB app update has been picked up by a few users over at Reddit and several gaming websites of what seems to be an upcoming Trading Card feature on steam.

As of now, there is no further word on what this entails for Steam users, but people are considering the following:

1) A trading card game?
-Plausible but quite unlikely. It says “Trading Card” not “Trading Card Game”.

2)Trade unplayed games that have been activated in your account. (Over-optimistic)

3)Half-life 3.

Nothing much is known about this upcoming feature yet, but as its name implies its going to be somewhat trade-related. Interesting stuff 😀



It’s… this.

It is mostly centered around pimping out your profile page. Oh wells.

Well, its my profile.
Well, its my profile.

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