Smooth Operators – Greenlight this!

Create and build your own call centre in one of the silliest tycoon simulators out there.

-Retro-style graphics
-Amazing soundtracks. I mean it.
-Some interesting features.

I have yet again stumbled upon a genre I hardly play nowadays. But this brings me back to old days, where I used to play Lemonade Tycoon for days on end. Somehow as I grew older, none of these games could hold my attention anymore. Except for Cart Life for about a day or two… then came this game. Shockingly, I spent my whole Saturday afternoon lazing over this game. It has that relaxing chiptune, oh-so-nostalgic graphics and a really in-depth look into your workers – a commendable feature of the game.

As the founder of your new call centre, you are allowed to look at how daily work lives affect your workers, how nasty customers and heavy work load stresses them out, making them a less than happy man. And everyone hates slow elevators ):

But why buy this when you can play it’s flash counterpart… for FREE?
The thing that surrounds most flash games is that they are free, casual and doesn’t have too much of a content. Over the years the publishing of free flash games have set a certain standard for the gaming; the consumers of the gaming industry built up expectations for free games. Flash games. Games are made in flash only because it can be played over a wide range of OSes without porting, its not a language made solely for cheap, easy game. The misinterpretation caused much hesitation when it comes to purchasing games like Fortix, Binding of Issac and many other titles including this.

Then again, if I were to put a price tag on this game… how much should it sell? A lot of people that saw this game compared it to a flash alternative called Corporation Inc, available at Armour Games for free. Aside from the difference in art-style and music, I guess you can pretty much say Smooth Operators is a more fleshed out one out of the two. I forsee many would choose to play the free alternative instead, a logical decision since most tycoon games have very little replay-ability and if you hunger for in-depth plot – it’s just not going to happen.

But I didn’t regret my purchase. It’s cheap, it felt like a good way to waste my time and I wasn’t very fond of playing Corporation Inc after I played Smooth Operators.

This game costs only $6 on Desura, and is yet to be greenlight-ed on steam.

Click the link below to greenlight!


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