Hammerwatch – Greenlight this!

Inspired by my previous reviews of Gravi and Woodle Tree Adventures, I decided to start a new series called “Greenlight This!”. Don’t worry, I’m still working on that Defiance music video.

-Up to 4 player co-op goodness.
-Rogue-like Gauntlet style (NES) gameplay
-Public beta available HERE.
-Lovely retro style ❤
-Controller support

I hardly play rouge-like games, but this caught my eye with its lovely art style. Retro, 8 bit-esque and obviously inspired by the NES/SNES era. It has been a great run with my buddies, from what’s supposed to be a quick afternoon fun extended to hours. The dungeon isn’t exactly straight forward, go out of your way to uncover the secrets of the dungeon and be rewarded with gold, magical potions and various other good stuff:p

A point to note before playing:

I mean beetles, ticks and larvae. Ew.
If you have entomophobia please stay away!

Now, what is interesting about the game is its character choices. As of now, there are only 3 available as public choice: Swordsman, Mage and Ranger, in ascending order of difficulty.
However, with great difficulty comes great rewards. Mastering a ranger can be very rewarding!

The swordsmen is highly mobile, due to his second skill. It allows him to charge in and out of combat, effectively able to both escape and obliterate a single line of enemies. His primary attack also has a small AOE damage infront of him.

The mage has a single projectile fireball as his primary skill. The fireball deals small aoe damage around the area it explodes, this is however limited by the fireball’s short range. His secondary skill, the flamewall can be deployed as mainly a defense/last resort skill.

The ranger sacrifices a little more survivability for the longest range out of the 3. The damage dealt by the arrows are scaled with how far it has flown, and how many enemies it has gone through. Yes, the ranger’s arrows will pass through all enemies and deal a minimum of 1 damage. However, the second skill, a bomb, will take some time to detonate and when faced with a flood of enemies and cornered, the ranger might not live through to the next level unlike his counterparts.

Personally I felt that such implementation is really commendable. But this game is not perfect. I did say my friends and I played for hours, but soon we still got bored of it. Yes, the dungeons are challenging and it was a lot of fun working together to fend off creepy crawlies from the deeps. But there seems to be a lack of RPG elements, and the scenery gets boring after awhile. It would take sometime to acquire new items and new skills, which can be a deterrent to new players.

Still, I’m going ahead to upvote this game.

The game is still in beta(the usual excuse :/) and the developers are highly active on the Greenlight page. Please direct your comments there and help shape this game!

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