Defiance Gameplay (Placeholder!)

It felt a little like Borderlands, a little like Global Agenda.

Is that a bad thing?

Defiance is a refreshing newcomer, it is a 3rd person MMOFPS as well as  an upcoming tv series.

Defiance(the game) is designed as a tie in to the upcoming TV series Defiance(…).

Karl Von Bach of Von Bach industries is on the hunt for precious and valuable arktech and you have been hired as an ArkHunter to help him locate these artifacts.
Unfortunately it turns out that the ship got struck down and you were evacuated through a pod. You meet Cass Ducar, another ArkHunter and your EGO(Enviromental Guardian Online).

The core game is online and set amid an open-world modeled after a futuristic San Francisco. Thousands of players can choose to play as a human or alien in the perpetually evolving online world. You can march on solo or with close comrades. Your success and failures will alter the content and direction of the Defiance TV show on SyFy. And did I mention Defiance is a cross platform MMO?

Game mechanics revolve about EGO for spells and perks, and using the standard FPS mechanic. Early in the game you earn yourself a ride that’ll help you travel across the lands and also take part in races.

The time I had with Defiance was mind-blowingly awesome, tons of co-op boss battles in addition to ArkFalls. But the game isn’t perfect, there are still some issues that have yet to be sorted out. These are mainly minor quest/cosmetic bugs. And for $60, I can’t decide for now whether the game is worth it. I’d probably wait for a sale to kick around…

But still, if this is your kind of thing, check it out!

Watch this place for my Defiance Music Video!

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