Indie games appreciation: Gravi and Woodle Tree Adventures

Every now and then there comes by a indie title that just requires a little more push into the limelight. And so, in no order of awesomeness: Woodle Tree Adventures and Gravi.
I’ve kindly received those games from their generous developers, but I must say: I’m not good with sugarcoating my words. This had earned me great friends and foes.
Well, here goes.

1) Woodle Tree Adventures.


A cut scene in game explains your situation; you are a child sent on a quest to retrieve fairy tears in order to save your kind. Your daddy, the Deku Tree  kindly provided you with a rucksack and a weapon before sending you on a perilous quest.

…Parenting fail? Not quite. This is where Woodle Tree Adventures shines; you don’t die. You will always respawn after you fall off the edges or get smacked by a hostile creature. This is a rather new concept, perhaps brought to popularity by Braid. These games usually have a more ‘philosophical’ element to it, something I’ve yet to see in Woodle but would love to.

What really kept me playing was how relaxing the game can be, and yet frustrating because I couldn’t get the jumps right. Although there are some problems with the camera angle optimization, I feel that with that sorted out, this game will be quite an attraction among casuals and minors.

I really liked how the sugar cubes(?) responded to me hitting them, and how some of the seemingly hostile worms are just friendly woodland creatures like you. You can also choose to finish the levels without taking down anyone. I’ve not yet seen this optional combat system in any game. This is an interesting, engaging take on this genre which led me to believe in a bright future for this game.

This game retails for $2 in Desura, and has yet to be greenlighted in Steam.

Game made by MalboM.

2) Gravi

Check out the trailer here!


It actually looks rather ready for release even if its in it’s Alpha stage. The game play is solid at this stage already. There were no bugs whatsoever when I played it. With the coming of beta, we should expect to see a little more variation in levels.

I enjoyed it albeit my countless deaths. I believe I racked up to 20 deaths on a single stage. Would love to see a speed run/deathless video of this! Anyone up for the challenge? 😀

The only thing that currently pulls this title down is that at the completion of every level, you get the same warning that Anti-Grav is coming to get you. There is no real threat posed by Anti-Grav in those levels. (Perhaps add a realism mode?)

This game retails for about $6 on Desura and is currently on Steam Greenlight.

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