Should you buy the Google Chromebook?

This gem can be yours at $199. 

Isn’t that an amazing offer? Sure is, but before you make the purchase, hold on to your wallets and go through this with yours truly:)

The good:

  1. 10 second start-up time.
  2. A cloud storage of 100gb, free.
  3. It still can be quite entertaining when offline!
  4. Judging by the size factor, they are easily portable.

The Bad:

  1. The apps section I linked above mostly consists of games and note-taking softwares. The chromebook is rather limited in function.
  2. You can actually get a better deal buying another laptop and then putting the Chrome OS on it.
  3. Rumored? Poor display quality at certain viewing angles.

So, should you buy the chromebook?

I just might. I have a high-end desktop which I use to produce 3d renders and animation at home(learning). All I need to fulfill note-taking in my university days can be sated by such a simple laptop. Even when it breaks inevitably after years of service, I only invested a good $300 to $500 on a device that served me well while I was in school.

Then again, I would probably chuck this thing aside once I hit home and get onto my desktop. Heck, actually I might even be too lazy to charge this thing for school and just bring a pad of paper. The chromebook is really geared towards casual use where all you want is to stream cat videos all day. No, it wouldn’t be able to play Borderlands, Diablo 3 and the million of games you would like to purchase and conquer. It wouldn’t be able to do very well at your Adobe CS4 or Sony Vegas editing, least Fraps. 

However, this is really good for productivity(office work and such). Think about all the game restrictions you can put on yourself, your kids or your students. In short, the Chromebook is a competitor worth looking out for. I would keep my eye out for price drops;)

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