Should you buy Alice: Madness returns?

This game has been out for almost a year now, sadly it didn’t build up much of a hype.

It’s been with me for quite some time and I guess I should give it some justice.
To be honest, this is the type of game I used to play as a child. But lets leave my childhood, corrupted or not, for another day; another story.

In the previous game, following Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, Alice finds her house burnt down and her family, together with her sanity charred. She ends up in Rutledge Asylum, where during her 10th year(No, it’s not an anniversary celebration kind of thing), she finds herself warped into her wonderland – now corrupted by her insanity.

The sequel, this time in a orphanage in Victorian London, leaving the players wondering what happened to Alice and her mind from the first game.
Well, the story takes place a year after the first game, where she was released from Rutledge Asylum. She now undergoes further treatment from Dr Bumby, there to help her to forget the events of the fire.
Once again, she encounters hallucinations that bring her into her wonderland again.

The game consists a lot of platforming and puzzle-solving. For a game like this, the combat system does not let it down.
It is a psychological dark-ish, horror game. Nonetheless lovely.


Because using pepper for seasoning is only for the sane.

This is for:
People who enjoy dark, twisted stories.
Actually, anyone that loves a game with a good storyline.
A more casual gamer, the game is less focused on combat, though it does ramp up in difficulty.

Stay away if you’re:
Looking for child-friendly game.
Don’t want to ruin your childhood stories of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.
Looking forward to an action-packed adventure.

Protip; turn off the lights at night and snuggle up with this dark,dark chocolate… 🙂

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