Age and Maturity. Does age really matter in one’s maturity?

DISCLAIMER: I am only hitting 19 in a couple of months, so take this for what it’s worth. For the sake of simplicity, take the term maturity as it is from – a complete growth or development in body or mind. Leaving physical developments of the human body to your local clinical doctor, let us proceed.

The notion that with age comes maturity strikes a raw nerve – it vexes me how I am stereotyped with my age group. Sometimes I wonder when will anyone start to take me seriously, or even listen to what I have to say. But no, my perspective represents your regular intoxicated youth – we go around in a state of retardation making a ruckus. Society proclaims that my thought processes are incomplete and flawed. Listen to the adults, not the children.

What infuriates me even more is how some adults, supposedly more mature than I am, can go about committing the same vices without suffering the same condemnation. On the other hand I came across younger kids that appear much more mature than their age discloses. They are able to back up their behavior with proper reasoning and logic except for the occasional slip up. They flay at propaganda, represented their own solid judgments that were crafted from their own ideas and experiences. These children simply came across as more mature compared to the former group.

But it strikes me once again; how do you consider someone to be fully developed? Even if we only care about mental developments, it is still an extremely tricky question. At 18, I’ve never gotten into a relationship, smoke, drank alcohol or went to nightclubs. I lack experience in everything I’ve never done before. I don’t know how to handle relationships first hand, how to dance or what it means to please a woman. I am socially inexperienced, or inapt, I might add. I’m not fully developed – I am immature. That being said, how could one ever become fully developed?

One that has experienced everything life has to offer, even death.

Maybe by your early twenties you should have accumulated enough experience, received a couple of hard knocks and hence be able to make decent decisions on your own. But we can’t be sure; maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. The age label where maturity or adulthood is reached in your country is just a convenient term – just because you have to be specific when it comes to legal issues. And since maturity is so unpredictable and difficult to generalize for everyone, you gotta shoot for the middle.

The older one gets, the more one experiences and the closer one would be towards said maturity; I’d give you that.

I have been immature for the most of my life, and I will be. I feared the compulsory military conscription, death of loved ones and even my own. But now, I find myself looking forward to the future with a strange sense of trepidation mixed with zeal; I welcome it as a challenge.

Henceforth, I will look forward to the day I reach this ‘maturity‘.

Come at me, world.

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