Hayate no gotoku Live action (Taiwanese)

When I heard it on 1st September, I thought it was a damn joke. With articles lying throughout the web, although my body and soul have been ravaged by the disease that hit me last week, I felt that I needed to address this matter as soon as I started recovering.
Perhaps it is an excuse for an update. Whatever.

I wonder how they will pull it off, sure. The original manga and anime were 2 streaks of genius.
But knowing the taiwanese dramas, they will propably drag it up to 5 god damn years and create a melodramatic soap drama.
I personally cannot see it working out at all.
There are quite alot of people agreeing on this. Here’s someone who came up with a list:


Hana yori Dango == Failed
Hanakimi == Failed
Itazura na Kiss == Failed

Godzilla == failed
DragonBall == failed
Tekken == failed
Street Fighter & Chun-Li == failed
DOA == failed
upcoming EVA movie & GUNNM == wannabe an epic failure

It’s going to turn into something like meteor garden for sure. Or that damn Gong Zhu Xiao Mei thingy (Little princess? I have no idea. F**k it.)
They will take away the original jokes and replace with their cold and lame jokes which only the Taiwanese population would smile at for pity. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hold any prejudice against Taiwanese. Just mainland China.
Anyway, this will be just another drama that rides on the fame of Rie Kugimiya and HnG, trying to promote their own set of idols. Oh yes, did I mention that the most referential jokes would have to be taken away?
It is really disappointing. Its quite hard to swallow, and being a big fan of the original works (especially the anime),  I feel this adaptation is taking a dump upon it. Sad. But speaking with just, I don’t expect any derivative work to surpass or even reach Original HnG’s  level. The original had already reached a fairly high standard in comedic anime.

Perhaps that is why I have zero expectations for the Live Action drama.

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