Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret,
for I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true.
-Robert Brault

To be honest, I cannot bring myself to tell the truth all the time- sometimes I lie selfishly to get my way too. Furthermore, it blows my mind how someone can be so sure of their own perception. Robert Brault possesses a mind that thinks further and higher than an average individual, he is definitely a brilliant man. I am in no way trying to criticize him in anyway. His website is filled with witty humor, and is worth checking out. Take a look here.
I always believed that people are, most of the time, selfish. People betray their conscience and try to convince themselves the lies they told are good. Deception and it’s detection are both abilities that humans learn from young. Honestly, I have some difficulty writing this piece. Ironically, I cannot remember the last time I told a white lie. My lies don’t help anyone apart for myself, and it may have unknowingly harmed others. I seek the truth, yet I lie blatantly to remove obstacles standing in my way. I only have a few dozen of friends that I would never lie to, maybe to prove to myself I still have a shred of humanity in me.  I, for one, hates being lied to, regardless of the rationale behind it.

Perhaps one of the most burning questions I have would be why some people allowed themselves to be lied to. People sometimes willingly take in lies to make themselves feel better, for what? Picture this, a slightly plump girl asks her boyfriend if she looks fat in her clothes. As a boyfriend, most would deny that thought instantly. But the girl herself knows well how she looks, yet she chooses to believe in the lie. If she chooses this as a lifestyle, a life where one constantly believes others’ sweet talk, one lives nothing but a lie.

In conclusion, while I cannot ignore the good white lies might bring I have to condemn those who blindly allow themselves to be lied to. Don’t blame me for being such a person, but living a lie just isn’t what people would look up to.

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